Our Philosophy

Our practice is guided by a few key principles:

  • All living things have an innate intelligence that strives to maintain a state of health or well-being through adaptive mechanisms.

  • We look to the nervous system as the source of these self-regulating processes, and in doing so we seek to find the cause of illness in order to eliminate it rather than simply treating symptoms.

  • We give special focus to the CNS (central nervous system) made up of the brain and spinal cord because it is the computer of the body.

We practice the following techniques in our office:

  • Neurofeedback – it helps the brain self-regulate its brainwave patterns.

  • Chiropractic – it can improve brain function, spinal cord function by removing vertebral subluxation.

  • Nutrition – proper nutrients are essential for proper brain (CNS) function. The gut is the ‘second brain’ and we teach what this means and how to greatly improve the integrity of this very important primal connection that exists between our gut and our brain.

Each of these techniques work together to create a whole and complete package to reach the root cause of many of today’s common disorders. Schedule an appointment today to learn more.